Travel to Fort Kodiak


Kramfors kommun

vid Butjärn i Bjärtrå

GPS 62*58'5,4''N


Travel to Fort Kodiak

Depending on where you land in Sweden

you should locate the E4.

If you come from the south:

Follow the E4 to the landscape of Västernorrland.

When you come to Kramfors kommun

you cross the high coast bridge.

Keep going north until you come to

a small village called Träsk.

Turn left towards Bjärtrå.

If you come from the north you do the same

Locate E4 and find Träsk.

But you northeners turn right towards Bjärtrå.

Now you only have 10 kilometers to Fort Kodiak.

Enjoy the swedish countryside.

When you have located our parkinglot you turn off your engine and you walk up to the Fort.

We will welcome you and we will work out

  all the details of your stay.

Or if you have a GPS:



This will also get you to the parkinglot.